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North York Garage Door Repair Squad is proud to be a real local garage door repair and service company, it gives us great pride in knowing that we are making our community a better, nicer and more financially stable town to live in by only hiring real local technicians from North York. We are able to guarantee that all of the work we perform is going to be carried out at the standard we have come to expect from our neighbors in North York.

When our team is on the job you will always feel like you are working with family, we make sure all of our customers are fully satisfied with all of the work we perform because satisfied customers lead to more customers. Growing our business depends on you, if we fall short to your expectations we want to know about it so we can fix it and make our customer service even better. We take great pride in providing our friends, fellow business owners, and homeowners with stand-out garage door repair services, that they can always rely on.

If you own a home or business that has a garage door it is imperative to have a garage door company you can rely on  in your phone ready to be called upon just when you need it. You never know when you will be faced with a garage door repair requirement, thankfully North York Garage Door is on call 24/7 ready to assist you just when you need it.


Hiring a local company just makes you feel better about any service you are about to receive, there is something to be said for knowing that the company you have coming to your home lives in and works around the town you both call home. You can feel comfortable in knowing that each one of our garage door replacement and repair technicians are required to fully pass a background check as well as random multiple drug screenings to ensure that our team is always the best of the best.

Equipped with their own mobile service units which they keep fully loaded with all the tools and parts needed to complete any one of the many garage door repair or replacement services we offer right there on the spot. When you need garage door service you do not want to sit around waiting for the parts to come in you want it completed right away, and that is just the way we work.


Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage Door Track and Roller Repair

Fresh Garage Door Installations

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Repair

New Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Pulley and Cable Repair

Garage Door Springs Repair And Replacement

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Emergency Springs Repair And Replacement

No matter what type of garage door repair or replacement service you may need you can always count on your neighborhood garage door repair company here at North York Garage Door Repair Squad. With a full team of garage door installation technicians standing by 24/7 we are here when you need us!


One of the major differences between North York Garage Door Repair Squad and our competition is the level of professionalism we emulate, we hold our team to a higher standard in all aspects of their work. From ensuring that they keep their mobile service unit filled with all the tools and equipment they will need to perform any service you need, to doing our due diligence during the hiring process, to arriving on time in our clean and clearly marked uniforms.

When you hire our team you are confident in knowing you have hired the best in the business. Since we work around the clock we are always able to guarantee that no matter what time of the day or night you may be in need of garage door repair service in North York we are never more that a quick phone call away. Call our customer service team 24 hours a day 7 days a week to learn more about the types of garage door services we can offer you.

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