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Garage Door Repair

Nick Junglle

Garage Door Repair Squad is one of a kind, I was practicing my slap shot in the driveway that may have sailed over the net and slammed into the garage door.

It put a huge hole in the panel and I was freaking out, I called the customer support team and they sent a guy right out to my house who was able to get a new panel for me the same day! Thanks so much!

Garage Door Installation

Andrea Greene

My husband and I are just starting to flip houses, we have seen that one of the quickest and cost effective ways to boost the curb appeal of our homes is installing a new garage door.

We have worked with Garage Door Repair Squad many times and have always been treated like family. Quick, cost effective and great customer service!

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Kate Dillinger

When we moved into our home there was a garage door opener already there we took it for granted, it worked great for about 2 weeks. After that the door got stuck on the way up leaving me and my car stuck inside.

I called Garage Door Repair Squad and they sent the guy right out to my home. Within a few hours I had a new garage door opener installed and working like a charm.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Paul Himerling

The other night I was closing my garage door and I heard what sounded like a spring breaking, turns out it was. I tried to open the door the next day and it would not budge. I keep my motorcycle inside the garage so I was unable to get to work.

I called Garage Door Repair Squad and they sent out a garage door repair technician, he was able to get the door open to change out the broken spring and had my door working like new once again. Thank you so much!